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The Industrial Property Office releases professional publications, intended primarily for teaching students of specialisation studies of the Institute of Industrial Education, an industrial property magazine, information brochures and a yearbook. In accordance with the legislation, it also publishes the IPO Bulletin. Until the end of 2006, the IPO Bulletin was published in paper form (Parts A and B); since 2007 the IPO Bulletin has only been published in electronic form, which is accessible on the website of the Industrial Property Office.

  • orders for industrial property magazine
    Ivana Mrázková
    tel: 220 383 204
    e-mail: ivana.mrazkova@upv.cz
    fax: 224 311 566
  • ordering publications
    tel: 220 383 129
    e-mail: studovna@upv.cz
    fax: 224 311 566