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Rights to other intellectual property

In addition to industrial rights, intellectual property rights include copyright, related rights and the right of the data source. Comprehensive regulation, including means of protecting copyright and rights related to copyright and regulation of collective management of rights, is contained in Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on copyright and copyright related rights, and on the amendment of certain laws (copyright law).

Copyright falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic – Department of Copyright


• author's rights to their work

Rights related to copyright

• the performer's rights to artistic performance

• the right of the producer of the audio recording to record it

• the right of the producer of the audio-visual recording to their initial recording

• the right of the radio and television broadcaster to its original broadcast

• the publisher's right to a previously unpublished work for which the duration of the property rights has expired

• the publisher's right to remuneration in connection with making a copy of a work published by them for personal use Right of the customer to the database acquired by them