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Basic information

The Industrial Property Office (IPO CZ) is a central body of state administration of the Czech Republic acting in the field of industrial property protection. The IPO is lead by the president appointed by the government.

The history of the IPO CZ goes back to 1919 when a Patent office was founded. The IPO  CZ acts namely as a patent and trademark office. The main roles of the IPO  CZ are as follows:

  • makes decisions within administrative proceedings on providing protection by way of patents, utility models, topographies of semiconductor products, trademarks, geographical denominations and appellations of origin and administers registries of those industrial rights;
  • works in compliance with the provisions for patent attorneys;
  • obtains, processes and makes accessible the world patent literature;
  • secures the fulfilment of international treaties in the area of industrial property in which the Czech Republic takes part;
  • actively participates in cooperation with other bodies of state administration on industrial rights enforcement;
  • collaborates with international organizations and national offices of individual countries in the field of industrial property.

The system of industrial property rights protection lies in the fact that the formation of those rights is connected with the decission of a state body, for that matter the Industrial Property Office. The rights are entered into registries which are accessible to public and are published in the IPO CZ Bulletin.