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Rules for acceptable electronic mark expression file formats:

You can find more here.


Please, note that persons not having the domicile or headquarters on the territory of the Czech Republic, must be represented in the proceedings before the Office by a representative.

Patent Attorneys in the Czech Republic www.patzastupci.cz

Czech Bar Association www.cak.cz

see also: Legislation

1) Electronic forms intended for online submission (electronic filing application)

Via the electronic filing app, forms can be filed with an electronic signature or through a data box without an electronic signature.

Rules for submitting annexes to forms in an electronic filing application:

The rules for attachments to each form are included in the help for the form. Help appears when you click the Help button in the "ATTACHMENT LIST" section of the form, or in another part of the form where you can insert the attachment.

2) Electronically fillable, without the possibility of online submission (PDF forms)

These are pdf forms that can be filled in electronically and then printed. Forms can be saved, including completed data. The forms are not intended for online submission using the electronic filing application.

Rules for submission of electronic documents outside the electronic filing application:

These files can be in the

  • pdf, PDF/A,
  • doc*/docx, xls*/xslx, ppt*/pptx
  • odt, ods, odp, txt/csv, rtf, 
  • xml, fo/zfo, isdoc/isdocx, html/htm,
  • jpg/jpeg/jfif, png, tif/tiff, gif
  • mpeg1/mpeg2, wav, mp2/mp3,
  • edi, dwg, shp/dbf/shx/prj/qix/sbn/sbx, dgn, gml/gfs/xsd. 

(* not containing macros)

The invention application documents shall be submitted in docx format and comprise a description of the invention, at least one patent claim, drawings, if they are part of the documentation, and annotations –see item 1.2 Instructions from the President of the Industrial Property Office. The same applies to the documents of the utility model application.

Note: docx format can be saved/exported in all common text editors (MS Word, Apple Pages, LibreOffice, OpenOffice).

The Industrial Property Office announces that from Monday, 19 March 2018 at 0:00 a.m., the variable symbol for the payment of administrative fees for European patents has changed. The variable symbol will now consist of the number 2 and the number of the European Patent, which is the same as the publication number of the European patent application, publication No. (e.g. EP 1 444 521 has VS 21444521). From that date, the automatic payment pairing system will assume the use of a variable symbol in this new form.

This amendment only applies to EP administrative fees (paid to account 3711-21526001/0710), not EP maintenance fees.